I highly recommend climbing in Serres Sottoguda, an exhilarating experience from a performance viewpoint. The resort is very pretty, typical of the mountain area; we stayed in an apartment that we rented through an agency, Dolomitissime srl. The apartment was simple, clean and a good deal for December, especially given its proximity to the Marmolada!

Mario Pontello Dolomitissime Residence & Apartments

A beautiful pathway in the Dolomites! A veritable canyon with ice waterfalls. Perfect for climbing in winter, but equally fascinating in summer.

Jeremy Miller The Sottoguda Serres

A fantastic rock wall in an area particularly known for the remains of the Great War. A wonderful experience!

David Bergman The fixed-aid climbing route of the Trenches

We found the Hotel La Maison thanks to a wellness voucher given to us by some friends.

The staff is friendly and kind, the SPA and massages are fabulous. A veritable oasis of well-being!

Rea Silvia Hotel La Maison

We were amazed by the care with which the apartments were furnished. They had a higher level of quality compared to normal apartments, and the property is quite new. We were lucky, since were forced to stay in more than a few nights due to heavy snowfalls and because we have two small daughters. For the rest, the staff is really nice and thoughtful. A nice atmosphere.


Giacomo Mazzi Sol&Nef Residence | Apartments

We were there as a couple in the month of November. The area is well served by the ski slopes and the owners were enthusiastic in giving all kinds of information regarding the area. The wooden furniture is simple but it makes the room very comfortable; the rooms are spacious and the service attentive. A great price.

Monica Pontello Hotel Digonera

For someone like me who wants to ski all year round, this was the best choice because the cabin is on the slopes! The price is already good, plus there is considerable saving on transportation. Highly recommended for sport enthusiasts!


Dalia Lucchese Baita Dovich

The hotel is located “under” the Marmolada glacier; this is a great location for skiers during the winter. Great food (very tasty) and excellent service with simplicity. After 6 hours of skiing, we relaxed in the whirlpool!

Enrico Donato Hotel Pineta